Capitol Roofing

The 1st Meeting:

When BD&G Sandblasting approached us, they wanted to be found on search engine results. Their previous website was not optimized for SEO and they were not added to any of the online directories. They had a simple WIX website that was created by someone in the company. 

The Planning:

Our team researched what they already had online and what they were missing. We presented them with our plan for what we thought they could use for their company.

The Work:

Our web design team developed a professional website for them. They also recreated their logo and took their existing content and optimized it for the new website. The SEO team developed the keywords necessary to show up in the Search Engine Results. They added the company to the top search engines and directories. They also started creating pages that are optimized for SEO in order for the search engine robots to easily find their company. Our photography team went to their warehouse and took pictures of their daily processes. Our Social Media team created their platforms for each of the top social media websites available. Our Ad Campaign team created an PPC campaign on Yelp where we felt they would get the most traffic for the type of work that they do.

The Results:

BD&G Sandblasting now has a beautifully developed website where their customers are easily able to contact them and grab information about their company. They are now easily found online and populate in the first page of search engine results for popular keywords. They now have a social media platform in key social media apps with active posts and engagement. They also have a great sales funnel with their Search Engine marketing. They’re paying ads for the correct directories that are turning those clicks into leads.