The Background

Famous DJ Agency came to us with a very simple request. They wanted to receive more leads through their website. They were not getting enough phone calls and were not booking a lot of events. They wanted us to help them win more deals. 

The Challenge

The challenge that we had to overcome was to figure out how to get new customers or existing customers to call their business. A business like Famous DJ Agency usually relies on word of mouth referrals. They wanted to be able to obtain new customers, not just the customers that were being referred to them. 

The Solution

We created several sales funnels for Famous DJ Agency. We started out by asking them to ensure that every single customer that they did a service for, wrote a review in as many online platforms as possible. We concentrated our review efforts on Yelp, and we started a PPC campaign for them. We also started posting fun pictures of their events, asking their DJs to go live on social media whenever they DJ’d. We created incentives for people to follow their social media accounts. We also started a PPC campaign for them on Social Media. 

The Results

Famous DJ Agency no longer suffers from a lack of phone calls. The sales funnels that we created for them have created the demand they were looking for. Through the work that we did, Famous DJ Agency now books double the amount of work. 

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