Websites in Burbank


Why choose us to design your website?

MARKETING EXPERTISE and TRUE PROFESSIONALISM. TOP QUALITY and Professionalism for Websites in Burbank, CA. 

FRASA Designs was created on the idea that every business should have access to top quality marketing services. Now more than ever, your business’ online presence matters. Therefore, it is important that you are taking all the steps necessary to make sure your business can be found online through a proper website. This is why we help build proper Websites in Burbank.

Websites are a key indicator that a business’ efforts and strategies are making sense to their focus demographics. Here at FRASA Designs, we focus on five major components of marketing; Websites, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Presence, Engagement, and Graphic Design.


How can a website help you in Burbank?

First, every business should have a website. Did you know that on average, 70-80% of people look up a business online before visiting or making a purchase? 

FRASA Designs offers specialization in Website Design and Website Development. Our team of marketing professionals can provide excellent advice and service for businesses looking to build their Websites in Burbank. Whether you are looking to set up a quick one-page website, or an entire online shop, you will receive the same great experience. We proudly service many small businesses and their website needs. Above all, the quality and service that we offer provides remarkable long-term value.


What is the importance of SEO for Websites for Burbank?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may be one of the best ways for your business to be discovered. When you are looking for a product, think to yourself, what do you do? Most people go to search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo, and type in what they are looking for. SEO is the process that makes your business show up on the first page. When done right, your business will be discovered before your competitors. 

Therefore, when looking for Websites in Burbank, look no further than FRASA Designs. We offer top quality SEO services, to ensure that your business is discoverable online.

Social Media

Can your business be found on Social Media?

First thing you need to know about Social Media and Websites, is that its the easiest and most direct way for you to interact with your client base. Your social media is how people can get a glimpse into the amazing universe that you call your business. When looking to build your marketing profile among all the other Websites in Burbank, you can’t forget about your presence on the major social media platforms. 

With hundreds of millions of users on Instagram and Twitter, and over two billion users on Facebook, your business needs to be on social media. We can help you navigate the digital world, and make your business stand out amongst your competitors. 

Graphic Design

How can we help you stand out among all the other Websites in Burbank?

Just because you’re online, doesn’t mean you look good. Clean, professional graphics and images are a must. Designing a great website will help you stand out among all the other good Websites in Burbank, you can’t go wrong. 

We offer full graphic design services, whether you want a new logo, a flyer, or your pictures enhanced, FRASA Designs is the way to go. Our team is proficient in industry standard designs programs, such as Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. If you need a graphic for social media, a flyer for your website, or a redesigned look, we are here to help. 


Do you need help engaging with your audience?

Posting isn’t the only thing that matters with your online presence. Engaging with your audience also matters! This will enhance your overall marketing for building your website that will stand out among all the other Websites in Burbank. 

Our team takes the time to organically engage with your followers. The word, organically, is important here. We’re sure you’ve seen it before. Some random account comments “Nice!” or “Awesome!” on one of your posts. That’s not too meaningful. We take the time to interact and have a discussion with your audience and those interacting with your business online.