The Background

In 1994, the Violence Against Women Act passed. This legislation, combined new provisions that hold offenders accountable and provide programs and services for victims. Becky’s Angels International is an organization committed to providing a safe environment where victims of domestic violence can become empowered day by day with the guidance and information they are given.

The Challenge

Becky’s Angels came to us with a challenge to create a website that is both welcoming and resourceful enough for all women and any women to look through. A website that is resourceful enough without giving out an overwhelming amount of information.

The Solution

With time, as a company we have realized just how overwhelming websites can be when there are far too many buttons to click, information to read, links to visit, and so on. What we did with an organization as impactful as Becky’s Angels is we created a simplistic design for their website. Allowing the viewer to maneuver through whatever they’d like to read. Therefore, giving them the option first.

The Results

As a result, Becky’s Angels has received an increase in viewers, clicks, and emails with women feeling comfortable enough to ask for help.

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