The Background

A unique roofing company created by three generations worth of pro roofers in South California. The three generations of the Horta’s built the company, Capitol Roofing to become what it is today. Capitol Roofing provides help for your roofing needs at any time with their round the clock schedule. Providing you with the best quality work.

The Challenge

The challenge with Capitol Roofing is creating content worthy enough to catch the public eye’s attention. With Roofing becoming such a competitive landscape to conquer, it becomes more difficult to display

The Solution

Pointing out the unique qualities of the company makes it simpler to create a solution. As for Capitol Roofing, their round the clock services for anyone in need of a roof repair. We are able to showcase just how much harder they work for their passion than any other company. Creating content to post everyday gives them the attention they need from potential customers. Also, by creating a website that is easily accessible.

The Results

In regards to results, Capitol Roofing has experienced an increase in numbers for social media engagement and an increase in customers who are seeking roofing help. Showcasing their passion for fixing roofs on a digital screen helps their potential clients see what kind of company this truly is.

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