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Our focus is to make sure that our customers are visible in the online community. We create a full SEO campaign, a full SEM campaign, and an entire Social Media experience for our clients. Combining these with a powerful website, we are able to push companies to the success they desire.


The Background

Royal Roofing became a customer early on in our journey towards creating branding experiences. They had a website and did print marketing. They believed that this is all they needed to continue their brand. Their website was outdated and never updated. Their online platform was nonexistent and they had bad reviews online.

The Challenge

The challenge that we had to overcome was to figure out how to keep the current clientele while bringing a new and modern image to the company. We had to create a unique way to enable customers to write reviews.

The Solution

We immediately got to work on redoing their website and online branding. We used their current website to keep their same style of type content. We updated all of their pictures and logos. We created a completion form for them to use with every customer that had a finished project. This form then allowed their team to follow up with them and ask for an online review. 

The Results

Their new website allowed for collection of data to establish a customer base. The completion form allowed their reviews online to grow from non-existent to over 100 reviews over the course of a year. Their online branding is now one of the top recognized brands for their industry. 

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