The Background

Famous DJ Academy is an academy for anyone and everyone who decides they want to expand their knowledge for music. The academy helps those who want to get started in their career as a dj by placing them in an environment that will push those skills beyond their limit. Here, they also provide professional dj’s to help them. 

The Challenge

Famous DJ Academy came to us with a challenge of how to get their name out there to a targeted audience. As a marketing company we had to figure out a way to target a specific audience with that audience being individuals who are taking a high interest in the DJ industry. In an industry so competitive, it is hard to find individuals who genuinely have a passion for music.

The Solution

Looking for a targeted audience, ties along with rebuilding the companies entire look. From creating a new website, logo, marketing, social media content, and SEO. Creating a unique and bold logo for Famous DJ Academy gives their viewers that attention grabber they need to keep looking into their company. Along with the logo, a well organized website gives potential DJ’s the opportunity to find out how to sign up. 

The Results

Famous DJ Academy no longer deals with the stress of having to search for new students since their list is now fully booked with potential DJ’s. Instead, they now have the luxury of focusing their time on teaching these young DJ’s the skills they need to become a talented DJ.

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