The Background

USCPOK creates a variety of products to help different types of THC users. They aim to provide the highest quality of effective cannabis solutions for pain relief, relaxation methods, therapeutic benefits, and overall great products for everyone to enjoy. They reached out to us because they had no website and had no one doing their marketing or graphic design.

The Challenge

The challenge we had to overcome for USCPOK was to figure out how to market the type of business. While Cannabis is becoming more and more popular, it’s still illegal in some states. Therefore, the typical avenue for marketing was non-existent. We had to research and figure out the best direction to push the brand. Something that was very unique to USCPOK was that they wanted us to market directly to dispensaries only.

The Solution

We immediately got to work on their website revamp. This was honestly the first step to get them the correct online image they desired. Once we finalized the website, we started creating content for them to post online. They participate in a lot of events with a lot of their clients. We offered to create flyers for these events. Their online branding now has a style and can be seen throughout their different online profiles.

The Results

USCPOK is now satisfied with the traffic that they receive on their social media accounts. Their branding has changed drastically to cover their demographics. We believe that the work we have done and continue to do for them has really made a big impact in their customer reach.

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