The Background

Orbit Event Rentals approached us when they realized that they had no online presence. They had a company that was in business for almost 40 years and were so successful, that they forgot they needed that component. Once they realized that their website was outdated, and that they needed to reach a broader audience, they asked us for help. 

The Challenge

The obstacle for Orbit Event Rentals was that they have such a large inventory of rental products, that we needed to narrow down how to market all of them. Orbit Event Rentals is the 2nd largest event rental company in all of Southern California. Their marketing required a lot of time and a lot of research. 

The Solution

One of the first things that we did for Orbit Event Rentals is completely revamp their website. They have a mobile friendly, and really cool and slick looking website now. Their entire catalog of rental inventory is available for show inside their site. Customers can place a quote directly and have someone follow up with them. We also placed a Pay Per Click Campaign for them on several online directories with well researched keywords. We completely revamped their social media branding and strategy. We did a lot of professional photography of their events and now you can find their events on their website and on their social media. Overall, Orbit Event Rentals is online and is showcasing what they do to their online community.

The Results

Orbit Event Rentals now has a social media strategy, an SEO strategy, and a pay per click strategy. They have a brand new website that is updated consistently. Their company now receives consistent quotes through the sales funnels that we have created for them. This is all quantified and reported on a weekly basis. Orbit Event Rentals is making an impact in how they do their online marketing.

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