The Background

Freedom Roofing is family owned and operated. With having over twenty years of roofing experience. The owner Raul started working as a laborer at a Roofing Company and worked his way up to become a Foreman. With lots of hard work and dedication, he started his own company, the Freedom Roofing Company. Joining him in this mission of providing great roofing are his two brothers, Alex and Gil.

The Challenge

The challenge Freedom Roofing came to us with was how to obtain more customers and engagement through their social media. The US landscape is already conquered by big players with deeper pockets and wider distribution in the Roofing industry. So how do you measure up? 

The Solution

Digging into brand truths, we decided to focus on the untapped market, rather than trying to steal market shares. We revised how we looked, talked and behaved to deepen our relation with culture and offered people a twist on roofing stories. Freedom Roofing is all about quaity, family and safety. Therefore, we emphasized on how the company treats every customer as family. Reflecting this through their social media engagement, website and content is the perfect solution for creating an evocative platform. 

The Results

Freedom Roofing no longer lacks phone calls and now receives a higher number of messages not only through e-mail but as well through their social media platforms. Their customer satisfaction is also more evident since now they leave yelp reviews and messages on their social media content.

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