The Background

Born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Don Dirty is breaking into the dance music scene as an innovator of modern production and a captivating performer. Don Dirty’s music and performance is the result of hard work, passion, and a desire to stimulate the world. Having performed in several bands throughout his musical career, he has always sought to emulate the incredible energy found in music that enticed him in the first place.

The Challenge

Don Dirty came to us with a challenge and we gladly accepted it. He wanted a new and creative approach to reach new fans of his music through not only his production but his social media content and website. Now days in the entertainment industry it can become difficult to be noticed in a wave of people. However, we made sure to go in with a new approach. 

The Solution

We created social media content that is unique for all music lovers. From professional photography to videography we make sure it is eye catching to all viewers. We’ve came up with a system to make sure to keep up with the latest social media challenges, tik tok music, instagram photo aesthetics and making sure to post on every platform. Also, keeping up with the stats of how many followers are gained, amount of likes, views, and clicks. This lets us know what to keep doing and what to improve on. 

The Results

Don Dirty can now focus more time on his passion for music instead of dealing with the stress that comes from posting in a timely manner or gaining a social media fanbase. Now, Don Dirty can use the extra time to create new music and connect with new artists.

What's Your Challenge?