The Background

La Chuperia contacted us in regards to creating a good ambience for their establishment. They have a good following, they just wanted an idea to make sure that people stuck around instead of just leaving immediately after eating.

The Challenge

The interesting challenge to this was that we had to create an environment where the place was more than just a restaurant for people to eat a delicious meal or drink a creative mix of beers. 

The Solution

Our idea was to partner them up with our DJ company and make them the place where people came to enjoy good food and listen to good music. We also created a website and online content for them where people would be able to have access to the information if they searched for it. 

The Results

This worked like a charm. People started planning their events at the restaurant. They not only stayed for the music, but they expected the music as they planned their weekends there. The website and online branding also helped their location with new customers and with visibility to people who have never heard of La Chuperia. 

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